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S Gabe & Associates delivers strategic healthcare consulting to private and public organizations with a focus on the delivery of innovative, evidence-based practices. A visionary team that firmly believes there is opportunity to improve the quality of healthcare and create lasting change, S Gabe and Associates brings to every project strong management, clinical expertise, and decades of experience working with clients locally and nationally. Read More

At the forefront of introducing leading-edge healthcare innovations—including process improvements; technology planning and implementation; employee engagement, education and skill enhancement; clinical excellence; compliance and policy development; operational efficiency strategies; and effective business development—this seasoned team has a proven track record working with clients ranging from established health authorities to private startup organizations. Partnering with clients and utilizing a forward-thinking, collaborative approach, S Gabe & Associates tackles challenging projects by developing effective plans for improvement, high-level implementation, and evaluation. S Gabe & Associates’ solutions cover the full spectrum of patient needs aimed at advancing healthcare program success and providing patients with the highest level of care.


Spotlight On Clients

“When challenged by poor employee engagement back in 2014, we took immediate action by engaging S Gabe & Associates to help make the internal changes we needed. This was a critical step because we understood improved employee engagement linked directly to improved organizational performance. Susan was instrumental in identifying, designing, and implementing our huddle process—which we believe is at the core of our success today. It was a mammoth task that involved facilitating every staff members’ buy-in and participation. Today our daily huddle program where staff teams review high-risk issues and collectively strive to improve practices daily is pivotal to us sustaining our organizational success.”

Clinical Lead
Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
Long-Term Care Facility

“Susan Scott Gabe, principal of S Gabe & Associates Inc, is co-founder and the driving force behind the development of Care At Home Services—a company committed to providing home care to those facing compromised health challenges. Susan brought her wealth of experience and knowledge to the development of the business; the depth and breadth of her clinical expertise was critical to the development of our robust operations team; her vision and commitment to innovation drove the implementation of leading-edge technologies, including a 24/7/365 call centre, electronic health records, and CRM; and her dedication to growth resulted in her creating and leading successful marketing and business development strategies. We recommend Susan; she is a professional with experience, passion, and knowledge, and a pleasure to work with.”

Yasser Barsoum
Executive Vice President
Forster Group of Companies


First-of-its-kind Hospice Care Report Released Outlining a Bold Plan to Improve Hospice Care in B.C.

By 2036, one-quarter of BC’s residents will be over the age of 65. Older adults in BC want to age safely at home, and to have a say in their care and death—a desire that will burden the current health care and social systems in BC.

Vancouver, BC, October 2020—Released by The Provincial Hospice Working Group (PHWG), a first-of-its-kind report, Hospice Care in British Columbia: The Path Forward, proposes a concrete, achievable 10-step action plan to grow and sustain community-based, volunteer-driven hospice organizations already in place.

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